Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spring Quiz

The Toberonochy Dolphin

At the request of the VisitToberonochy organisation I have agreed to publish here the current Spring Quiz. It may help to divert attention from the stresses of the Scottish elections. The answers will be posted next week.

1 What is the origin of the name Toberonochy?

2 When you travel from the Cuan Ferry to Toberonochy you pass an old water mill. Who or what live(s) there? And what must you leave to pacify him/her/them?

3 Apart from boat musters what was the main activity on Luing in former times (economically productive that is, not drinking etc).

4 South east from Toberonochy lies the Dorus Mhor, the great door in Gaelic. Who or what came to grief there on 15 December 1820? For what was he/she/it famous?

5 West south west from Toberonochy is the Gulf of Corryvreckan. Who was Vreckan (otherwise Breackan) and what is said to have happened to him?

6 Which famous writer nearly drowned there in August 1947?
7 Many Australians visit the islands of Mull and Ulva each year, because the fifth governor of New South Wales Lachlan Macquarie came from Ulva and is buried on Mull. What tragic event happened on 7 May 1845 which might make them want to visit Craignish Castle as well?

8 Historically islands such as Luing had great importance, in an age when almost all travel was by sea and many visitors stopped over in Toberonochy. Who is said to have stopped here on 5 or maybe 7 July 1249? Bonus point, must get all three, (a) why had he come? (b) why was his mission doomed? (c) what happened to him the next day?

9 These islands were often visited by the Vikings and tried to maintain their independence from both the Norwegian and the Scottish kings. The ships used by the Scots and the Norsemen had one major difference which gave the Scots an advantage in local waters and the Norsemen an advantage on the open sea. Name what it was.

10 Who won the Battle of Largs?

Finally two easy questions for sailors who don't know any local history

11 What causes the whirlpools at the Corryvreckan?

12 What is an amphidrome, or amphidromic point? Bonus point, name the location of one nearest to Toberonochy. And if you can explain in simple language how they come about you deserve more than to win this quiz.

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