Monday, 15 August 2011

Setting up a Website

image courtesy David Ainsley
Regular visitors to this blog will realise that my efforts recently have been largely taken up with campaigning to save Seil Sound and its wildlife from an enormous salmon farm development, which a company largely owned from Poland intend to install in this precious part of Scotland's scenic coastal heritage.

I've already posted extensively about the threat on this blog, but that isn't what the blog was intended to be about. Our campaign group, consisting of a number of local residents and others with varying backgrounds but a shared interest in preserving our ecology, local economy and quality of life, decided that we should set up a dedicated website for the campaign.

We quickly discovered that setting up a website requires a great deal more expertise than blogging and our group were delighted to recruit Garry Milligan, a computer expert and website whizzkid with a great interest in the ecology and heritage, to our ranks.

A weekend of frantic activity resulted in many days work being compressed into the time available. From a standing start on Saturday morning went live last night.

Please join our campaign and enjoy the new site, which will contain lots of useful and sometimes disturbing information about the effects of factory marine farming on our delicate eco-systems.

Meantime, I've got a mass of materials gathered over the Summer on more gentle matters, which will enable this blog to return to its usual business of random musings, historical information and nice images of our West coast and its denizens.

image courtesy of David Ainsley

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