Monday, 9 April 2012

Sixes at Buidhe

Children are getting a lot older these days and the average age of those who brought their toys to Buidhe at the weekend was a bit over sixty. It was nice to get a day on the water, or at least near it, while the bigger boats are still on dry land. The five pictured above present a cross section of the current sixes, including:-

This is one of the older Dolphin designs, always very pretty and still sailing nicely.

 I think this one is probably an early offering from the guru Graham Bantock.

This fellow is my own build, the lines being John Lewis' Tern.

 This is Richard's own effort, showing how a skilled designer can add displacement within the rules.

And finally Neil's beautiful Thistle, by far the prettiest of the bunch.

It wasn't a great day for sailing, but we were all left inspired to meet up again and the word is that there are a few more in the area, so maybe there will be a mid-Argyll group before long.

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  1. The 6 metre model yacht class was born in Scotland, built to the 1906 International Rule, at a scale of 1 2/3" to the foot. The fellows in the first photo, Nick Twinn and Richard Pierce introduced the class to Buidhe and district in the early 1990's.

    After a few years sabatical the fleet is reforming in the Craobh/Loch Melfort/Isle of Luing region with 9 boats ready to sail, including 3 new owners.

    Richard's design 'Yellow' was the testbed for his radical 'Grey' International 2.4 Metre which swept the board in the 1996 UK Championships.


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The Wherrymen
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