Thursday, 13 March 2014

Classic Boat Awards 2014

Ellad, photo by Nigel Pert

Interesting to see a good Scottish contingent getting awards at the Classic Boat 2014 awards, with best restoration William Fife III’s Ellad heading the list, and his Saskia included.

Our own St Ayles skiffs did well, coming runners-up to the CW Hood 32 footer from the United States, a fibreglass “Spirit of Tradition” daysailer, which I guess would have collected a few trans-Atlantic votes.
Skiffieworlds in Ullapool
American plastic daysailer
Among the human winners were Fiona and Alastair Houston, tireless organisers of the Fife Regattas and Martin Black, the painstaking biographer of G L Watson, whose massive work is a great read and a fantastic resource for anyone looking for information about our sailing heritage of a hundred years ago, available from our fellow blogger the Leggy Prawn.
Fiona and Alastair

The images in this post have been lifted from Classic Boat, who attribute the one of Ellad to Nigel Pert. The takers of the others are not identified, but the one of Martin is mine, which I took when we were aboard the Ayrshire Lass last year. It’s always nice when the commercial sector acknowledges the efforts of those of us who publish for the fun of it. 


  1. Hi, The Houstons picture is also by Nigel Pert, it is in the mata data - along with his e-mail contact address, where you can ask permission to share!

    Don't bother now - I grant it this time...

    1. Sorry, will need to learn how to check that and it won't happen again.

  2. Great pictures! Thank you! I found some more on this website:


The Wherrymen

The Wherrymen
Two old friends on the water