Thursday, 2 March 2017

Hugh Gray's Viking Funeral

Hugh Gray 1947 to 2016

"He loved nothing more than filling his boat with friends and going for a sail.
Hugh was kind, generous, self-effacing and deeply intelligent.
And a good friend to very many of us.
He will be missed." 

Brice Avery

It was very appropriate for Hugh to be given a Viking Funeral and it seems that most of the island were in attendance at Atlantic Centre a week or so ago.

Hugh had been one of the Bilderglug people since the first muster on Toberonochy in 2001. For the uninitiated the muster is similar to Bilderberg because of its total secrecy, which I am breaking with this post, and the fact that it happens in a lovely place, but also rather different, because the people who go are unfailingly nice, decent, interesting members of the human race who value the company of our fellows and the natural environment. At least that's our story.

It was quite emotional to say farewell to the first of our stalwarts to die. Will the muster end up as a sort of Hebridean tontine with sometime around the year 2090 some poor ancient sitting on the shore pondering a fleet of lovely wee boats hauled up on the shingle, that he or she is too old to sail?

Here are some images from the event.

Across from the bigger island on the Belnahua

The ship, with the ghosts of former islanders looking on

The ghosts arriving on their puffer

A brisk onshore wind made things look doubtful

Farewell messages all written and stowed.

Getting an offing.

Ready to launch


Hugh on his journey.

Well alight and still afloat.

The good ship Hede, the man himself at the helm.

The Wherrymen

The Wherrymen
Two old friends on the water